Bride with dress on
Bride with dress on

Even before the dress goes on,the photographer will need to take photos of your dress hanging along with shoes, purse, weeding rings garter and other mementos you will have with you.

One of the most significant events and one that needs to be captured is the moment you put your dress on. The photographer should definitely be present once you’re in the dress as this moment is usually followed by the mother or a sibling tying the laces on the back of your dress.

Hair and Make-up

Hair and Make-up


Generally photography coverage of the whole event is not necessary except maybe for the last 1/2 hour to one hour. Depending on your schedule the hair and makeup could be done at a salon or in your house/ hotel.

The photographer only needs to take a few pictures showing makeup and hair. This can often be re-created if it was done at a salon and you’re looking to better manage your photography.

Tips for your wedding day

Bride with veil

After the excitement of the proposal, you’ll slowly start realizing the insurmountable task ahead of you. Chances are you’ve never done this before, and as you meticulously start your research, read all the magazines and articles you find, you start to get a grasp of what it takes to plan your own wedding. In addition to the phone calls  and vendor research you’ll have to make, wedding planning can be complicated if you are unsure of the timeline you should follow.

While every wedding is different the general timeline to follow is pretty much the same.  All the planning websites will tell you what you need to do and will detail each action needed to keep you on track, but almost none detail the actual wedding day timeline.

If you start with the timeline of your wedding day, everything will fall into place. This is often overlooked and almost never given the proper consideration it deserves even by some wedding planners.

Wedding Photography at Wrigley Field (landmarks)

Every now and then I am faced with the prospect of shooting a wedding session at a landmark site. If you’ve never done it start worrying about it. You have to always ask yourself how will we (photographer and couple/or party) be treated and what are my chances to return if something goes wrong.

Wedding photo shoot at Wrigley Field
Wedding photo shoot at Wrigley Field

Recently I had the privilege and the pleasant experience of being part of a couple’s big day at Wrigley Filed in Chicago. The night before I ran through what could go wrong and what can I do to control the situation if the need occurred. I have to say that the experience was great and the couple was amazing, the staff at Wrigley’s was just super, as professional as they can be and very accommodating of my needs as a photographer to get the right shot for the client.

The ceremony overlooking the field went without a hitch and the reception ditto. The music played pleased the guests and the couple was fabulous. This is one of the most fun filled worry free events anywhere for a while.

Types of Fashion Modeling


The market usually determines what models are needed but there are market segments so it is important to understand the type of model you want to be.

Fashion Modeling

Your designer clothes, are designed for what fashion designers have coined as “ideal woman.” Someone tall and slender,long neck and very young. In major markets, this is someone who is 5’9″ to 6′ tall and from a size 8 to a size 0 depending on what is in. For men it is at least 6 foot tall and a 40 regular – of course, you have to have that “look” to go with the clothes.

Types of Fashion modeling:


















With such variety at your disposal you should be able to find a niche or a specific area that you can be comfortable in and that promotes your personality. Use the advice of family and friends first and foremost and listen to what people are saying. If you keep hearing you have a gorgeous head, or you have such beautiful hands or legs, you know without a doubt that those areas are what attract people to you so it would be very wise to spend the time and investigate at least the possibility that you as a whole or a specific body part can be used in fashion photography. Talk to a fashion photographer and get to know the market you’re in. As photographers we have connections in the modeling world with various agencies and receive no incentive for referring someone to an agent. Find a photographer that is right for you and explore the possibility of modeling, sometimes without spending a lot of money. If you do not feel comfortable doing something, just don’t do it. Never feel obligated to do something against your beliefs or nature.

I talk to my clients and listen to what they say, everyone has a story, I build relationships this way because most of my work is from repeat customers.  I treat everyone with respect an honesty and never promise something that is too good to be true. If someone tells you they can guarantee something in the modeling world, they better be CEO’s of companies or the designers themselves. No one else can.

Build a portfolio and do the legwork because that is what it takes. Listen to the people in the industry  and make connections with everyone. Models come to us for our connections and our photography because they are always treated with respect and dignity and we’re always upfront.

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The Magic of Making Memories Last a Lifetime

As photographers we are tasked with capturing the most intimate moments between a couple and preserving them in pictures for life. But how do you take the hectic wedding day and transform it into a beautiful serene setting where you can capture the intimacy of the couple about to be wed?


In order to get extraordinary moments the couple “needs” time alone away from the photographer and the wedding party. Sometimes five minutes make a world of difference, and the newlyweds will reward you with the best opportunities to capture truly photo-journalistic moments.  We begin the wedding photography process early in the booking stages and listen to the couple and their photography wishes for the wedding day. By doing so our photographers have a baseline of what the couple expects in terms of photo coverage on their wedding day.

Usually the word photo-journalistic is being insisted upon as a sole means of  photographic coverage, but what that usually means is that the couple does not want “to be arranged”  in the pictures . They do expect the wedding photographer to keep a certain distance, a sort of personal space which cannot be violated. The truth is that no wedding has ever been done truly in that sense of photojournalism. If you ever looked at the photographer, or asked him/her to take a picture then it is not photojournalism anymore since the simple act of posing makes it a formal /traditional rather than photo-journalistic or “hands off” approach.

Most of the couples we have discussed photography coverage for their wedding day, agree that they do want a mix of styles, usually, a blend between traditional and photo-journalistic. Both approaches have their merits, advantages and disadvantages and it is up to you to decide what coverage you really want in your wedding photography package.

Best Regards,


Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography

We always look for ways to bring more value to you, our clients. Our fashion photography is now complemented by our new relationship with Hollywood Auditions! We are growing into the fashion industry and can help you deliver maximum impact in your images. Our fashion packages include multiple looks and outfits, retouching service and you get to own your pictures. We’re simply the best to our clients, and proud to be a 2010 Julie B Style Awards Nominee.

Call and talk to us, set up a face to face appointment and you’ll see why we can be your only photographer

Demystifying wedding packages

When looking for a wedding package, human nature is attracted to price rather than substance.  As we all know, you do get what you pay for and this rings true with any business. Packaging wedding photography has been a long standing practice but are the contents of the package of any real value to you as a customer or not?

First of all you should look for a wedding photographer whose work you like and then get to know him through a series of meetings at which you should express you expectations and requirement ans ask the photographer to match those with the budget you have allotted for the service.

Most photographers will rather work within a known budget than to blindly provide prices for services that are not a good match for your situation.

Always allow a little extra money for things you want in your wedding photography  but forgot to ask about. Once you see an album in the showroom you will want, it even though a smaller version might have been quoted.

Talk to your photographer until you both agree on alue and contents of your package.


Are you getting good results from wedding planning sites?

Usually competition is a good thing, but it always comes at a price and wedding photography is no different. We all like to believe that if more people compete you get a better price and we all remember the now famous phrase “when banks compete you win”. While competition is healthy in every industry it seems like it always has a negative impact somewhere in the grand scheme of things.

When choosing a photographer or florist for your wedding you want the most expeditious way of getting information, and there are plenty of places that will match you with service providers such as florists, photographers, videographers, D J’s, gown designers, and banquet halls.

The problem is that in a race to beat the competition, wedding photographers, and other providers will usually not include a “full” package as they would otherwise, forcing you to paying more and get less.

The Internet is a great tool to find the services you need, be it your wedding or social event, but sites that offer planning and matching in one stop, do not really match you, but rather have companies compete for your business. Most of these companies pay the site for your name and e-mail after which you receive 5-10 “matches”. It is not always a win-win situation as sites vary greatly in the way they process your request for  “wedding services”. Some will have it out on a timed basis  while others will sell to a limited number of people. Usually you might end up with one or none of these matches but in the end 90% of responses are discarded. After a while when you realize you are spending more money on advertising than you bring in, you start loosing a lot of quality people or receive diminished service to compensate for the expense.

What to do? It’s not hard, but if you need a wedding photographer, look for it yourself and call him/her. Talk to them and tell them what you need and ask them to give you prices and maybe set up a meeting. Both parties need to feel comfortable with each other, and I believe that relationship building is key to a great wedding experience.

It is a  bit more work on your part but in the end it’s worth it.  You will receive more service for your money and will have a far more pleasant experience.


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