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Bride with dress on
Bride with dress on

Even before the dress goes on,the photographer will need to take photos of your dress hanging along with shoes, purse, weeding rings garter and other mementos you will have with you.

One of the most significant events and one that needs to be captured is the moment you put your dress on. The photographer should definitely be present once you’re in the dress as this moment is usually followed by the mother or a sibling tying the laces on the back of your dress.

Tips for your wedding day

Bride with veil

After the excitement of the proposal, you’ll slowly start realizing the insurmountable task ahead of you. Chances are you’ve never done this before, and as you meticulously start your research, read all the magazines and articles you find, you start to get a grasp of what it takes to plan your own wedding. In addition to the phone calls  and vendor research you’ll have to make, wedding planning can be complicated if you are unsure of the timeline you should follow.

While every wedding is different the general timeline to follow is pretty much the same.  All the planning websites will tell you what you need to do and will detail each action needed to keep you on track, but almost none detail the actual wedding day timeline.

If you start with the timeline of your wedding day, everything will fall into place. This is often overlooked and almost never given the proper consideration it deserves even by some wedding planners.

Wedding Photography at Wrigley Field (landmarks)

Every now and then I am faced with the prospect of shooting a wedding session at a landmark site. If you’ve never done it start worrying about it. You have to always ask yourself how will we (photographer and couple/or party) be treated and what are my chances to return if something goes wrong.

Wedding photo shoot at Wrigley Field
Wedding photo shoot at Wrigley Field

Recently I had the privilege and the pleasant experience of being part of a couple’s big day at Wrigley Filed in Chicago. The night before I ran through what could go wrong and what can I do to control the situation if the need occurred. I have to say that the experience was great and the couple was amazing, the staff at Wrigley’s was just super, as professional as they can be and very accommodating of my needs as a photographer to get the right shot for the client.

The ceremony overlooking the field went without a hitch and the reception ditto. The music played pleased the guests and the couple was fabulous. This is one of the most fun filled worry free events anywhere for a while.