Are you getting good results from wedding planning sites?

Usually competition is a good thing, but it always comes at a price and wedding photography is no different. We all like to believe that if more people compete you get a better price and we all remember the now famous phrase “when banks compete you win”. While competition is healthy in every industry it seems like it always has a negative impact somewhere in the grand scheme of things.

When choosing a photographer or florist for your wedding you want the most expeditious way of getting information, and there are plenty of places that will match you with service providers such as florists, photographers, videographers, D J’s, gown designers, and banquet halls.

The problem is that in a race to beat the competition, wedding photographers, and other providers will usually not include a “full” package as they would otherwise, forcing you to paying more and get less.

The Internet is a great tool to find the services you need, be it your wedding or social event, but sites that offer planning and matching in one stop, do not really match you, but rather have companies compete for your business. Most of these companies pay the site for your name and e-mail after which you receive 5-10 “matches”. It is not always a win-win situation as sites vary greatly in the way they process your request for  “wedding services”. Some will have it out on a timed basis  while others will sell to a limited number of people. Usually you might end up with one or none of these matches but in the end 90% of responses are discarded. After a while when you realize you are spending more money on advertising than you bring in, you start loosing a lot of quality people or receive diminished service to compensate for the expense.

What to do? It’s not hard, but if you need a wedding photographer, look for it yourself and call him/her. Talk to them and tell them what you need and ask them to give you prices and maybe set up a meeting. Both parties need to feel comfortable with each other, and I believe that relationship building is key to a great wedding experience.

It is a  bit more work on your part but in the end it’s worth it.  You will receive more service for your money and will have a far more pleasant experience.