Demystifying wedding packages

When looking for a wedding package, human nature is attracted to price rather than substance.  As we all know, you do get what you pay for and this rings true with any business. Packaging wedding photography has been a long standing practice but are the contents of the package of any real value to you as a customer or not?

First of all you should look for a wedding photographer whose work you like and then get to know him through a series of meetings at which you should express you expectations and requirement ans ask the photographer to match those with the budget you have allotted for the service.

Most photographers will rather work within a known budget than to blindly provide prices for services that are not a good match for your situation.

Always allow a little extra money for things you want in your wedding photography  but forgot to ask about. Once you see an album in the showroom you will want, it even though a smaller version might have been quoted.

Talk to your photographer until you both agree on alue and contents of your package.