Wedding day timeline

Your Wedding Day Timeline

So what do you think you’ll do on your wedding day? Maybe not exactly what you thought, but everything you need to do.

Just before we go on I recommend you don’t have a bachelor/ette party Friday before your Saturday wedding. It’s just too much, so do it earlier in the week, or a week before the wedding.

Your wedding day will be the longest day of your life, but it goes by so fast, that you won’t remember  a thing. That is why well planned wedding photography coverage is critical if you want to remember all the details.

Here’s a generalized timeline of a typical wedding day:

  1. Hair and Makeup
  2. Dress on
  3. Limo to church/ceremony site
  4. Ceremony
  5. Formal pictures
  6. High fashion / fun photos (or a stopover)
  7. Ceremony
  8. Cocktail hour
  9. Introduction
  10. Cake cutting
  11. Prayer
  12. Speeches
  13. Dinner
  14. First dance
  15. Father/Daughter dance
  16. Mother/Son dance
  17. Open floor /dancing
  18. Bouquet toss
  19. Garter removal/Toss
  20. Limo home

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