Religious wedding considerations

Religious weddings beg to be photographed. There is so much to learn about the way in which an ethnic minority regards the rituals of  marriage. In all of them there is a common element, respect. A wedding photographer must ask questions before the wedding and listen to the explanations provided if he is unfamiliar with the ritual. It is very important that one’s religion is respected and weddings often represent honor rituals. A photographer should present himself as not to disturb this balance. It is important that you observe the rituals and always ask permission.

How to deal with a wedding photographer

Set expectations. Be sure you know what you need for your wedding photography, portrait or whatever your photo project might be. If you don’t know exactly what you want try to talk about your wedding with your photographer. It is an important task especially if you want certain pictures and poses incorporated in you wedding day.  Make sure your photographer is aware of what you want. Repeat if necessary to make sure you are both on the same page and talking about the same thing. Have the photographer repeat what you want and consider “must take” photographs on your wedding day, I know this sounds silly, but after you had the wedding there is little point in discussing your needs.

Here the photographer should take an active roll and explain what his plan is for your wedding day, complete with details of what he knows will make a good story. After all you don’t want a bunch of wedding photographs but rather an emotional roller-coaster illustrated in pictures.

Have a list of the must take shots that you do not want him to miss but make sure he has creative leeway and do not overwhelm him to the point he’s going to miss the real important wedding photos.

Why do I get charged so much for wedding photography?

RJ Photo Galleries is a WPPI member.
RJ Photo Galleries is a WPPI member.

Photographers like any other professionals get trained and attend courses, seminars, are inducted to or belong to photographic societies.

What this does is raises the level of service you as a customer receive. It is for the benefit of the client that the wedding photographer attends mock up wedding photo shoots, lighting techniques classes for wedding or portrait photography or posing classes. In other words there is an investment and an effort professional photographers make to deliver to our clients the very best experience and highest training in this field.  I am strictly talking about professional photographers and not weekend warriors or people who are enthusiasts of the hobby.  There is a difference and usually you see it in the final product, the conduct and the ability to deliver on a promise made to the client. Weddings only happen once, there are no second takes,  and that is why it is important to choose the right professional for the job.

Check out the photographer’s wedding packages as they are give you the most value for your money, then add the extra services you desire and remove the one’s you don’t. If you want to include a wedding album most packages come with one but if instead you desire a 21 in custom made digital frame with your wedding pictures displayed as a show, remove the album and add the frame. Be very specific and get prices in writing.  Always.

Chicago Wedding Photographer

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in the Chicago-land area, look no further than us.

At RJ Photo Galleries we are equipped to provide the best wedding photographic experience for our clients.  Whether you need to cover the whole wedding or just a few hours, we can accommodate your request. Packages start around $950 for 4 hours of wedding photography coverage. We have a series of albums you can choose from as well as digital frames for the “non traditional”  brides. In addition to our photojournalistic wedding services, we also offer classical photography.  We always meet with the client “before” any payment is taken in order to help aleviate any usease you may have and answer your question  face to face in an honest and open manner.


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