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Wedding Photography at Wrigley Field (landmarks)

Every now and then I am faced with the prospect of shooting a wedding session at a landmark site. If you’ve never done it start worrying about it. You have to always ask yourself how will we (photographer and couple/or party) be treated and what are my chances to return if something goes wrong.

Wedding photo shoot at Wrigley Field
Wedding photo shoot at Wrigley Field

Recently I had the privilege and the pleasant experience of being part of a couple’s big day at Wrigley Filed in Chicago. The night before I ran through what could go wrong and what can I do to control the situation if the need occurred. I have to say that the experience was great and the couple was amazing, the staff at Wrigley’s was just super, as professional as they can be and very accommodating of my needs as a photographer to get the right shot for the client.

The ceremony overlooking the field went without a hitch and the reception ditto. The music played pleased the guests and the couple was fabulous. This is one of the most fun filled worry free events anywhere for a while.

The Magic of Making Memories Last a Lifetime

As photographers we are tasked with capturing the most intimate moments between a couple and preserving them in pictures for life. But how do you take the hectic wedding day and transform it into a beautiful serene setting where you can capture the intimacy of the couple about to be wed?


In order to get extraordinary moments the couple “needs” time alone away from the photographer and the wedding party. Sometimes five minutes make a world of difference, and the newlyweds will reward you with the best opportunities to capture truly photo-journalistic moments.  We begin the wedding photography process early in the booking stages and listen to the couple and their photography wishes for the wedding day. By doing so our photographers have a baseline of what the couple expects in terms of photo coverage on their wedding day.

Usually the word photo-journalistic is being insisted upon as a sole means of  photographic coverage, but what that usually means is that the couple does not want “to be arranged”  in the pictures . They do expect the wedding photographer to keep a certain distance, a sort of personal space which cannot be violated. The truth is that no wedding has ever been done truly in that sense of photojournalism. If you ever looked at the photographer, or asked him/her to take a picture then it is not photojournalism anymore since the simple act of posing makes it a formal /traditional rather than photo-journalistic or “hands off” approach.

Most of the couples we have discussed photography coverage for their wedding day, agree that they do want a mix of styles, usually, a blend between traditional and photo-journalistic. Both approaches have their merits, advantages and disadvantages and it is up to you to decide what coverage you really want in your wedding photography package.

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